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            Organizational Technical Assistance

                                                      Capacity Building / Technical Assistance

Wheeler Creek Community Development Corporation offers organizational and management technical assistance to community based non-profits including faith-based organizations.


To help you meet your unique organizational goals, Wheeler Creek Community Development Corporation provides a comprehensive portfolio of services instrumental to non-profit organizations looking to improve upon its programs and amend its goals and mission to more appropriately address its constituency in the ever-changing world of advocacy.

For us, capacity building is more than just a term, it's a commitment. We believe in what we do. And, we've earned the national recognition to allow us to go beyond the confines of our own borders to assist other CDC's achieve their individual community and economic development initiatives.


                                    Organizational Training and Management Consulting Services:

Customized training and management programs specifically designed to address the organizations' unique situation, desired outcome or group dynamic. Assists CDC's and FBO's with training on how to create, implement, and manage a viable and productive organization.


                                                                Financial Literacy

To aid the participants in becoming economically stability, financial literacy training is provided. This process consists of several intensive workshops and monthly monitoring of the participants money management skills, savings plans, and debt management. Workshops topics cover credit and debt, basic banking, asset creation (wealth building).



The UDC Community College Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning (WDLL) provides District of Columbia residents with job skills training leading to employment. The industries focused on are those where jobs are available in the District and in the metropolitan area. The five (5) areas identified by the District of Columbia as most in demand include:

Construction and Property Management
Healthcare (Direct Care and Healthcare Administration)
Hospitality and Tourism
Information Technology and Office Administration

These form the basis of the training offered by WDLL. Training provided by WDLL is free to residents of the District of Columbia.

WDLL also provides training to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of DC residents so that they have the skills they need to enter specific training programs provided by WDLL. These programs include:

Preparation for the Accuplacer (Accuplacer is the placement test for entrance into the University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC-CC) and the University of the District of Columbia (UDC))


                                                                  Preventive Health Education

WCCDC has established a HIV and Substance Abuse Awareness program, a Community Neighborhood Watch program, Healthy Life Styles program, and provides representation and advocacy services for residents. A recent study showed that after 12 weeks of exercise and guidance on eating patterns, a group of morbidly obese women were healthier even though they had not lost weight. That’s right. The women’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels improved, as did their psychological well-being. Instead of dieting, women should focus on becoming healthier instead, contend experts. They say it's possible to be fat and fit and that restrictive diets do not work. So, don’t let the winter blues weigh you down...Get fit by joining the Healthy Life Styles program. Though the program focus is on female heads of households, all residents are encouraged to participate in the free 8-week program.

The program provides participants with exercise techniques, as well as healthy eating practices. Both women and men who have participated in the program have found the program to be helpful in jump starting their personal healthy lifestyle.


For more information on the program or to enroll in the upcoming classes, call Wheeler Creek at (202) 574-1508.

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