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Health and Social

Routinely, through personal interview, the case managers assessed the health and social needs of its participants and recommended actions to be taken, made referrals to health and other social service providers. WCCDC has established a HIV and Substance Abuse Awareness Programs, a Community Neighborhood Watch Program, Healthy Life Styles Program, and provided representation and advocacy services for residents..

Instead of dieting, women should focus on becoming healthier instead, contend experts. They said it is possible to be fat and fit and that restrictive diets do not work.

A recent study showed that after 12 weeks of exercise and guidance on eating patterns, a group of morbidly obese women were healthier even though they had not lost weight. That’s right. The women’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels improved as did their psychological well-being. 

Healthy LifeStyles was created to combat this sweeping issue. Though the program focus was on female heads of households, all residents were encouraged to participate in the free 8-week program.

Established in 2008, the program provided participates with exercise techniques as well as healthy eating practices. Both women and men who have participated in the program have found the program to helpful in jump starting their individual healthy lifestyle program.


“Overall it was pretty good. I learned a lot out of it as far are reading food labels, drinking more water…,”

- Ms. Ayyisha Turner.

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