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Affordable Housing Program

The development of safe, affordable housing is critical to the community building efforts of the Wheeler Creek Estates Revitalization Program. The revitalization plan consist of three types of housing options, which are designed to address the housing needs of its former residents and incorporates and builds on the development of a mixed income community.


                                                  Homeownership Education and Counseling Program

The Homeownership Education and Counseling Program provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to become successful in obtaining a home and includes training in the following areas:


Selecting a home
Understanding Credit
The Mortgage Process
The Settlement Process
Post Occupancy Training
Community Building Skills


Learning tools and techniques include, but are not limited to, lectures, visual aids, interactive group exercise, group discussion, and individual work assignments. The sales staff and case managers throughout the process provide individual counseling and monitoring.


Rental housing for the self sufficiency program participants consist of subsidized and market rate apartments and townhouses, which are available to families including seniors who have opted not for home ownership.


Tenant training includes: money and debt management, unit maintenance, and community relations.

Roderick Williams, Ph.D.

Director of Community and Economic Development

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